HW3/160 Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig

Drill Depth: 300m

Max.Drill Diameter: 254mm

Related Power: 92Kw

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  • Technical Parameters

HW3/160 Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig

  • XSL3/160 series deep water well drilling rig uses full hydraulic control, and the Top drive to drive the rotation of Drilling Tools with very high drilling efficiency. Reasonable overall layout uses the tractor-mounted or full ground chassis for transportation with good maneuverability. Very flexible in difficult roads and can be widely used in many fields such as resource exploration.( hydrology wells, coaled methane, shallow layer of shale gas. terrestrial heat, etc. and can also be used for coal-mine gas exploitation or salvage work.

HW3/160 Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig Features:

  • 1. Compact structure of the whole machine with small dimensions meets the requirement of Drilling in limited space and tunnel transportation.

  • 2. With two optional drive modes of the drive unit , the drilling rig has a wide adaptability of strata.

  • 3. Extendable mast(or optional box-type mast) is adopted to meet the requirement of long casing drilling construction, which improves the working efficiency.

  • 5. Integrated visualized pressure feeding system can regulate the drilling pressure accurately according to the drilling depth.

  • 6. With the configuration of 4 hydraulic supporting legs, it can realize rapid horizontal adjustment and transportation without crane.

  • 7. Rotational centralizer provides extensive operating space.

  • 8. Optional external floating spindle increases 30% service life of drill stem thread.

Well drilling rig machine model


Drilling diameter

Ø89- Ø254mm

Drilling depth


Drill rod diameter

Ø76,Ø89, Ø102mm

Rated power


Max. lifting capacity


Max.feeding capacity




Gyrator pressure


Drilling head Max.torque


Max. speed


Max. dismantle torque




Walking speed


Max. climbing gradient


Drill rig working dimension


Drill machine Transport dimension


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