SPJ400 Mill Drilling Rig
Drill Diameter: 500-1800mm
Drill Depth: 400m
Drill Mast Height: 8.6m
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SPJ400 Mill Drilling Rig

  • SPJ (t / c) series water well drilling rigs are the products of our company's early production for water drilling and other hydraulic engineering. At present, the products have been developed into drilling depths of 300 meters, 400 meters, and 600 meters, and can be formed in bulk according to user needs Or truck-mounted multi-form series of well drilling rigs.

  • The rig adopts the rotary type, which is mainly suitable for hydrogeological exploration and other engineering holes.

  • The rig main unit, mud pump, diesel engine, etc. are all installed on a special semi-trailer chassis, which is convenient and quick to move.

  • All rigs adopt mechanical transmission, which is easy and simple to operate, reliable to use and convenient to maintain.

  • The rig is powered by diesel engine, which is convenient for field use.

  • The turntable has three speeds, which can meet the drilling requirements of different formations, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of the drilling rig.

  • The rig adopts independent lifting tower, which is convenient and reliable.

  • The drilling rig is provided with a guide groove, which is helpful for improving the verticality of the drilling hole, and has an active drill rod for opening the opening device.

  • The main winch adopts planetary gear structure, which is convenient and reliable to operate.

  • The rig is powered by diesel engine, which is convenient for field use.



Drill Diameter(mm)


Drill Depth


Maximum output torque(kn/m)


Drive pipe(mm)


Drill pipe(mm)

φ89mm×4200mm, φ127×φ108×4200mm

main winch


auxiliary winch


Spindle inner diameter


Spindle revolving speed

40, 70, 128r/min

Drill Mast vertical height






Drill Mast

Model A, ZX400

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