Solar Pile Driver
Solar Pile Driver
HWL300R Solar Pile Driver
Pile Length: 3m
Rotation angle : 360°
Machine Weight: 7.5T

HWL300R photovoltaic piling machine is a high-performance piling equipment launched by Hengwang Group for piling in different sites.

HWL300R was originally designed as the early stage piling equipment for photovoltaic power stations. Through R&D and upgrading, it can also be used in piling projects in farms, pastures, orchards, etc.

Main feature:

1. Reasonable power engine can save fuel while ensuring stable and high performance;

2. High-quality hydraulic components and strict assembly process ensure the high efficiency of the hydraulic system;

3. Using international high-standard raw materials to ensure the stability of the car body;

4. The design has an industrial aesthetic.


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details?Please contact us!

Product numberHWL300R
Hydraulic hammer model (mm)75/85/100 optional
Hydraulic hammer flow (L/min)50-110
Impact frequency (bmp)350-800
Drill rod diameter (mm)75/85/100
Walking motor torque (N.m)<11500
Pile height (mm)According to the slide
Sliding guide frame inclination angle (°)(Left) 5(Right) 5
Frame rotation angle (°)360
Hydraulic system pressure (mpa)22
Gear pump displacement (ml/r)40+40+25
Traveling speed (km/h)3

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