DTH Drilling Rig
DTH Drilling Rig
HW925 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig
Rated Power: 58KW
Drill Depth: 30m
Drill Diameter: 110-138 mm



    • 1.The own rotation unit driven by double cycloid motor for more powerful rotation and less drill tools jamming.

    • 2.Standard equipped with plunger piston motor for greater climbility and more reliable quality.

    • 3.Standard equipped with box type tramming beam and international standard construction machinery tramming tracks.

    • 4.Equipped with the own developed dry dust collection system for high efficiency & more eco-friendly.

      Recommended Air Compressors:

      Diesel portable screw compressor: 158SCY-17 OR 192SCY-17

      Electric portable screw compressor: 132SDY-17

Drill Pipe Sizes

60*2000 mm

Hole range

90-110 mm

Rotation torque (Max.)

1,650 N.m

Rotation Speed

70-120 rpm

Feed Force

15 kN

Pull Up Force

25 kN

Feed Type

Chain / cylinder

Tramming Speed (Max.)

2.5 km/h



Total Weight

3,800 kg

Transportation Dimensions

4,900X2,000X2,200 mm

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