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Causes and treatment methods of pile body fracture during the piling working
Jan 20, 2022

When the pile driver suddenly tilted and misplaced during the construction of the pile driver, and at the same time the pile hammer jumped up and the pile body rebounded, the construction had to be stopped.

There are several reasons for the fracture of the pile body during the construction of the pile driver:
1. When encountering relatively hard ground or obstacles, the pile body will break if it cannot withstand the bending strength;
2. The pile is not vertical enough when it has been driven into a certain depth, and then corrected after it has been driven into a certain depth, the pile body will be bent, or the vertical deviation will be too large when drilling. During the pile sinking process, it will follow the deviation of the verticality. Sinking, causing the pile to bend;
3. When the length is not long enough, multi-section piles will be used for construction, and the two piles connected to each other are not welded on the same axis, and bending and twists occur;
4. The pile body is subjected to tensile stress during repeated blows of the pile driver. When the tensile stress exceeds the load, the pile body will fracture laterally;
5. There are a lot of debris in the sand and stone, and the strength of the pile body is not enough, and it will break in the weak place during construction;
6. There are other reasons. The strength of the pile body concrete is not enough, or the pile tip of a certain part of the pile body is unevenly soft and hard, which will cause tilt and bend.
Now that the reason is known, how can we avoid the occurrence of breakage? What should I do if the pile body breaks?
Before the construction of the pile driver, clear the obstacles and check the quality of the pile body. The slenderness ratio of a pile should not exceed 30. Do not use the bent pile body; if it is found to be not vertical during construction, it should be corrected in time, or Pull out directly. Once severely tilted, operate strictly as required to ensure that the two piles are on the same axis; adopt the "pile planting method", and the vertical deviation should be controlled within 1%. When deviations occur, do not use moving pile holders to correct them. Avoid bending of the pile body;
The pile body must be operated in accordance with relevant regulations during transportation and storage, and cracked piles must not be used. When encountering more complex geology, geological exploration holes can be encrypted to take effective measures.

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