HWT30Z Mountain Drill Rig
Drilling depth: 30m
Drilling diameter: 70-120mm
Machine Weight: 320Kg

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HWT30Z Mountain Drill Rig

  • HWT30Z small wheeled pneumatic drilling rig is a product of our company with more than ten years of experience,independent research and development,and intellectual property.Based on the advantages of our company's mountain rigs,the rig optimizes the design concept with “high speed,efficiency and cost” as the starting point,effectively guarantees drilling efficiency,solves the difficulty of relocation in mountain construction,and reduces field labor intensity and construction risk.

  • The rig is fully hydraulically driven and can adapt to a variety of terrains for drilling operations throughout the day;

  • Heavy-duty air filter with engine configuration adapted to various harsh environments in the field;

  • The drilling rig adopts gear pump, load-sensitive multi-way valve and shaft distribution cycloid motor to form a hydraulic system, which has strong pollution resistance and reliable use;

  • Features energy saving, miniaturization and low cost;

  • Hydraulic quick lifting rod design eliminates the need for rigs, winches and gearboxes, making operation easier and safer;

  • Water well drilling derrick, base, engine frame, power head shell, etc. are made of high-quality materials to better meet the requirements of lightweighting of the rig during the decomposition;

  • The rig uses an oil cooler to cool the hydraulic oil for use in areas with high ambient temperatures.



Drilling depth

30m /15m

Drilling method

Air shock drilling (with air compressor) / spiral drilling

Drilling hole diameter (mm)


Drill pipe diameter * length (air shock rig)

Ø60*1500 mm

Spiral pipe length (mm)


Hydraulic system flow( L/min )


Walking method


Dimension (mm )



320 KG

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