HW160A Alloy Hydraulic Drilling Rig
Drilling depth: 160m
Drilling diameter: 75-325mm
Rated Power: 13.2Kw
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HW160A Hydraulic Drilling Rig

  • As the consumption of resources for economic growth exacerbated, the shallow resources in the traditional industrial areas such as Shandong,Jiangsu,Hebei and other eastern provinces have been depleted.The new resource exploration is mainly concentrated in the Yunnan,Guizhou,Sichuan,Xizang,Xinjiang,Qinghai and other areas of traffic inconvenience. Equipment handling costs in these areas are much higher than the cost of construction, many places there is no roads to rely on people to carry to go up, the weight of traditional equipment can’t be reduced, full hydraulic split drilling rig energy consumption is too high, so our company developed aluminum alloy drilling rig HW-160A / XY-3A, reduce drilling rig weight with new material applications, saving on field operations handling costs.

Main features

  • 1.The main components of the box material using high-strength aluminum alloy casting pressure replace of the original steel; Under the premise of ensuring rig performance, the weight is only l/3 of original rig.

  • 2.Rig modular design, split strong, fast assembly. After the split the weight of each component about 40-100 kg, solved the difficult task of relocation in the mountains.

  • 3. Drilling machine moving structure using high-frequency treatment of sliding rails, wear resistance increased, extending its service life

  • 4. Compound transmission mechanism design. Adopting the LGS15 car transmission additional auxiliary box design as transmission mechanism, high and low speed switchable, large torque, wide range of variable speed, centralized and convenient operation , adapt to the needs of various of drilling processes, accessories versatility.

  • 5. Aluminum alloy drill corrosion, anti-oxidation. Rain in the wild, in a corrosive operating environment (potash) does not rust.

Machine parameter



Drilling depth(m)


Open hole dia. (mm)


End hole dia. (mm)


Drill angle (°)


Matching engine power (kW)

ZS1105/13. 2

Weight without engine (kg)


Dimension(L*W*H) (mm)



spindle speed (r/min)


spindle stroke (mm)



Single steel wire lift capacity (kg)


Single steel wire lift capacity speed (m/s)

0. 3-1. 9

Steel wire dia (mm)

∅9. 3

Steel wire capacity (m)


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