HW-T30 Small Soil Boring Rig
Drill diameter: 20-100mm
Drill depth: 10m
Weight: 21Kg
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  • Technical Parameters

HW-T30 Small Soil Boring Rig

  • The portable earth-boring rig is a single-handed power (petrol) portable soil sampling rig (soil sampler) developed by our company. The effect is comparable to the bulky hydraulic and pneumatic earth-boring rigs. The drilling rig uses gasoline to strengthen the power, with strong impact and deeper hitting, which can meet the needs of soil sampling projects with a depth of 10-15 meters. The operation is simple, the safety is high, and the performance is stable, which can greatly reduce the labor force of the soil sampling personnel and take into account the fast sampling speed.

Main Features:

  • 1. Adjustable depth

  • The diameter and length of the sample obtained are large, and the sampling depth can reach 15 meters.

  • 2. Easy operation

  • The operation is easy and simple, and a single person can realize rapid sampling.

  • 3. Save time and effort

  • The collected soil samples go directly into the inner tube, saving time and effort for transportation and storage.

  • 4. Reduce concerns

  • The soil layer is drilled without water impact, and there is no need to consider the problem of carrying drilling water.



Machine Size


Drill Diameter



1.63N.M 5500r/min

Impact frequency


Impact force


Engine type

4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooling




2Hp 6500r/min

Fuel consumption


Net weight


Gross weight


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