HW-6 Full Hydraulic Diamond Core Drilling Rig

Drill Diameter: 50-114mm;

Drill depth: 600-2500m;

Related Power: 194Kw

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HW-6 Full Hydraulic Diamond Core Drilling Rig

  • HW-6 is a compact diamond core drill rig that has been designed with modular sections. This allows for the rig to be disassembled into smaller parts, improving mobility, whereby the access for the sites are difficult or limited (ie. Mountainous Terrains).

  • This drill rig is suited for the following drilling applications, Diamond core drilling, Directional drilling, Reverse circulation continuous coring, Percussion rotary , Geo-tech, Water bores, Anchorage.

Product Features

  • 1, The rig being comprised from modular components, can be disassembled into smaller and more transportable sections. With the heaviest components weighing less than 500kg/760kg. Switching the power pack between Diesel or Electric is quick and effortless even when on site.

  • 2, The rig offers a smooth hydraulic transmission, operating at low noise levels. Whilst providing convenience to the operation is labor saving and focuses on promoting work safety on site.

  • 3, The rotation head is a step-less speed transmission, offering a wide range of speeds and torque (up to 3 speeds), the rotation head can be side racked via hydraulic rams for added convenience and efficiency especially during rod trips.

  • 4, Hydraulic chuck jaws and foot clamps offers a fast clamping action, designed to be reliable, neutral. The foot clamps are designed to suit various different drill rod sizes via the use of different size slip jaws.

  • 5, Feed stroke at 3.5 meters, reduces operation time, improves drilling efficiency and reduces inner tube core blockages.

  • 6, Braden main winch (USA) features a stepless speed transmission from Rexroth. Single rope hoist capacity up to 6.3t (13.1t on double). Wireline winch is also equipped with a stepless speed transmission, offering a wide speed range.

  • 7, The rig benefits from a tall mast, which allows for the operator to pull rods at up to 6m lengths, making rod trips faster and more efficient.

  • 8, Equipped with all the essential gauges, including, Rotation speed, Feed Pressure, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Main Pump/Torque gauge, and Water pressure gauge, Enabling the driller to oversee the entire operation of the drill rig at a simple glance.



Drilling Capacity (straight hole)


2500 m


2000 m


1300 m


600 m

Rotator Capacity


70-1000 rpm

Max Torque

4310 N·m

Max Feeding Power

60 kN

Max Lifting Power

200 kN

Diameter of Chuck

94 mm

Feed stroke

3500 mm

Capacity of Main Hoist

Hoisting Force(single
wire/dual wire)

13100/26000 kg

Main hoist speed

8-42 m/min

Steel Wire Diameter

22 mm

Steel Wire Length

36 m

Capacity of Steel Wire Hoist

Hoisting Force

1500 kg

Main hoist speed

30-210 m/min

Steel Wire Diameter

6 mm

Steel Wire Length

2500 m


Mast Height

9.5 m

Drilling Angle

45°- 90°

Mast Mode




Elect/ Engine


90 kW/194 kW

Main Pump Pressure

27 MPa

Chuck Mode






Transport Way

Tyre Mode

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