HW-300L Mud/air Drilling Rig
Drilling depth: 150-300m
Drilling diameter: 90-273mm
Engine Power: 48Kw
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HW-300L Mud/air Drilling Rig

  • HW-300L series drilling rig is a kind of high efficient and multiple functions drilling equipment, It is mainly suitable for drilling wells, agricultural irrigation wells, geothermal air conditioning holes and other well holes, It is especially suitable for water intake projects in mountainous and rocky strata. The efficiency is more than ten times higher than that of the traditional rotary drilling rig, and the economic benefit created for the user is very considerable. Especially to solve the soil air DTH drilling difficulties, the construction problems of rotary drill hard rock layer, gravel layer, able to work effectively in a variety of geological structure, to achieve the perfect combination of water and pneumatic drill.

Main Feature

  • The drilling rig mainly adopts mechanical transmission, the other for the hydraulic transmission, can effectively use the power, reduce the overall power loss, making drilling low cost.
  • the drilling rig precludes the use of double fuel pump, drilling with a single pump, hoisting and lowering with double pump confluence, reducing power loss and shorten the auxiliary time.
  • the drilling rig adopts advanced structure, reasonable layout, easy to maintain and repair.
  • the drilling rig with 2 speed reversal, easy to handle accidents.
  • the drilling rig has more positive speed series and 14-500r / min speed range, and the output torque is 13428-250N.m.
  • the drilling rig, in the hydraulic system, reserves part of the functional interface, so the function can be extended according to different user's technical requirements.
  • the drilling rig uses a mechanical power head with a long stroke and speed multiplication system, power head stroke is 3800mm, used to improve the drilling efficiency, reducing the blocking drill and burned accidents.
  • the drilling rig uses crawler chassis, leg cylinder stroke is 1. 5m, so it can be automatically loaded, easy to transport.



Drilling diameter(mm)

Ø90- Ø273

Drilling depth( m)


Drill rod diameter(mm)

Ø76,Ø89, Ø102

Drill inclination(°)


Rotator output speed(r/min)


Rotator output torque(N.m)


Rotator feeding stroke (mm)


Gyrator pressure (k.N)


Revolver lift(k.N)


Revolver to increase speed(m/min)


Walking way / Climbing angle

Crawler walk /15°

put power(Diesel engine)(kW)


Rated speed(r/min)


Oil pump flow(L/min)/Pressure(MPa)

main pump 60/20,Auxiliary pump 60/20





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