F800 Man-Portable Diamond Core Drilling Rig
Drill Depth: 800m
Power Unit: 3x42Hp
Weight: 180Kg
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F800 Man-Portable Diamond Core Drilling Rig

  • Hengwang drills are modular design and made of high-strength aluminum, ensuring high standards of toughness while greatly reducing the weight of rig. The max module weighs 160Kg/180Kg (F600/F800), which is convenient for worksite mobilization by manpower.

  • The compact structure allows the rig to be accommodated within a 4 x 4 square meters platform and dismantled easily in the field. With optimized design, the rigs can be disassembled within 45 minutes and re-positioned in half shift.

  • In case of limited road-access conditions, the rig can be moved along the small trails by manpower, which gives the rigs outstanding advantages in a variety of complex terrain conditions

Main features

  • 1.The high performance in flexibility and productivity makes the drill rigs efficient and effective in mountainous regions in Africa, Asia, Latin-American, Mid East, Caribbean, etc.

  • 2.The drill rigs use energy-saving and noise-reduction techniques, which not only makes the operation more comfortable, but also is environmental friendly.

  • 3.It can be easily moved by manpower in tough and wild mountainous sites, no roads need to be paved, leaving minimum footprint of humanity. It’s an ideal choice of Green Mining.

  • 4.The rigs into full play offering increased drilling efficiency, larger core diameters and higher recovery rate.

  • 5.The compact, top-driven drill head is lightweight designed, making drilling easier and faster.

  • 6.The Rod holder is fast clamping responsive, light weighted and easy maintainable.

  • 7.The compact designed and coaxial jet style water swivel provides high wear resistance and smooth operation.


800m / 600m / 350m


318KG(Heaviest unit 160kg)

L x W x H

2743 x 502 x 5283mm

Line pull


Rod size


Power unit

Kobuta 1105T, 3x42HP

Power unit weight

180KG /unit

Control panel



hydraulic system, drilling operation

Operation control

eeding, drilling, clamping, rope, rinse

Hydraulic tank capacity

45 L , Water cooling

Hydraulic tank weight


Wireline weight

61KG(Empty),98 KG(Loaded)

Mud pump

Triplex Plunger, 69 bar

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