Big Sale!!! HWS260 Pneumatic Drill Rig
Drilling depth: 260m
Drilling diameter: 305mm
Engine Power: 73Kw
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Hengwang New Pneumatic Drilling Rig with Big Sale!!!

HWS260 Pneumatic Drill Rig

  • Our company's water well drilling rig is a kind of top driven high efficiency and multifunctional hydraulic drilling rig with advanced technology, convenient operation, high working efficiency, reliability and durability. It is widely used in drilling wells, inspection wells, precipitation wells, rescue wells, Ground source air conditioning holes, CBM, natural gas, oil extraction and other projects. this machine can drill holes with air compresse in all formations , the drilling speed is very fast when drill the hard rock , which hardness is f=4-20.

  • The feature of the drilling rig is its compact body. The width of the fuselage is only 1.9 meters, which is completely suitable for drilling wells for farmyards or other narrow terrains. The drilling depth can reach 240-300 meters.

  • Full hydraulic control is convenient and flexible: the drilling rig's speed, torque, thrust axial pressure, counter axial pressure, thrust speed, and lifting speed can be adjusted at any time to meet the needs of different drilling tool operating conditions and different construction techniques.

  • Top-drive rotary propulsion lifting: It is convenient to connect and unload the drill pipe, shorten the auxiliary time, and is also conducive to follow-up drilling.

  • Multi-functional drilling: Various drilling techniques can be used on this drilling rig, such as: down-the-hole drilling, mud drilling, cone drilling, follow-up drilling, core drilling under development, and so on. The drilling rig can be equipped with mud pumps, generators, electric welders, and cutting machines according to user needs. The drilling rig is also equipped with various hoists as standard.

  • High operating efficiency: Due to the full hydraulic and top drive rotary propulsion, it is suitable for various drilling techniques and various drilling tools, with convenient and flexible control, fast drilling speed and short auxiliary time, so the operating efficiency is high.

  • Low cost: Drilling on the rock is based on the DTH hammer drilling process. DTH rock drilling has high efficiency and the lowest cost per meter.

  • High outrigger crawler type: The high outrigger is convenient for loading and transportation, and it can be loaded directly without a crane. Crawler walking is more suitable for muddy field movement.

  • The function of the oil mister: Drilling on the rock is based on the down-the-hole hammer drilling process. The down-the-hole hammer rock drilling has high efficiency, the lubricated impactor has a longer service life, and the drilling cost per meter is low.



Total Weight(T)


Transport Dimensions(mm)


Working Dimensions (mm) 3260*2380*6190

Drilling Diameter(mm)


Drilling Depth(m)


One-time Advance Length of the Drill(mm)


Walking Speed(Km/h)


Climbing Ability(max)


Min. Ground Clearance(mm)


Working Air pressure(Mpa)


Air Consumption(m³/min)


Main Power(kw)




Rotary Torque(Nm)


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