Big Sale!!! HWL500R Solar Pile Driver
Pile Length: 5m
Rotation angle : 360°
Machine Weight: 6T
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  • Technical Parameters

HWL500R Solar Pile Driver

  • 5m hydraulic rotary press piling machine is multifunctional pile driving machine for solar pile project, with 360 degrees of freedom to rotate, multi angle pile function. The machine with diesel powered, hydraulic mechanical transmission, with high efficiency, convenient shift, multi angle multi angle pile, high precision, durable, time-saving, labor-saving and, especially for engineering construction in the field.

  • Full hydraulic rotary press piling machine by R & D engineers and field service member composed of hypercoagulable cohesion, high-quality elite team of engineers, according to the situation of equipment used in various kinds of working conditions of practice, through constant revision and improvement to under various complex site and all kinds of soil in a state of the equipment. Can be adapted to round pile, square pile, rectangular pile and various special-shaped pile.

  • QC coupled with strict detection means for the product to provide first-class quality assurance, piling machine is now is the national quality the first, market share rate of the first brand.

Product number


Hydraulic hammer model (mm)

75/85/100 optional

Hydraulic hammer flow (L/min)


Impact frequency (bmp)


Drill rod diameter (mm)


Walking motor torque (N.m)


Pile height (mm)

According to the slide

Sliding guide frame inclination angle (°)

(Left) 5(Right) 5

Frame rotation angle (°)


Hydraulic system pressure (mpa)


Gear pump displacement (ml/r)


Traveling speed (km/h)


Vehicle weight (kg)


Engine power (kw)


Engine rated speed (r/min)


Track shoe width (mm)


Track single (section)


Total displacement of walking motor (ml/r)


Rated pressure of walking motor (mpa)


Travel motor reduction ratio


Dimensions (mm)

4420*1920*4900-7900(working state)
4500-7500*1920*2800(transportation status)

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