Promotion!!! HWY-160 Pneumatic Drill Rig
Drilling depth: 150m
Drilling diameter: 130-203mm
Engine Power: 42Kw
Best Promotion Only from 2020.7.1 to 2020.7.31, with amazing FOB Price USD$ 11,800 (USD$ 14,300).

HWY-160 Pneumatic Drill Rig

  • HQZ series water well drilling rig is a lightweight, efficient and multifunctional drilling equipment , it is mainly applicable to industrial and civil drilling, geothermal drilling, has the advantages of compact structure, fast advancing, mobile and flexible wide application region etc.. It is especially suitable for water intake in mountainous and rocky strata.

  • The rig can create drilling jobs in different strata, borehole diameter can up to 245-294mm. The rig with hydraulic technology, supporting high torque hydraulic motor rotation and large bore hydraulic cylinder push, the multi cylinder engine of famous factory provides power for the hydraulic system, two stage air filter, air compressor air intake design, prolong the service life of diesel engine. Special pump set design is convenient for maintenance and reduce the cost of maintenance. Centralized control of the hydraulic control table, convenient operation.

  • The series of drill rig adopts a excavator crawler chassis and has strong off-road performance. The independent module design allows the drill to be mounted on the truck to increase its mobility. Two speeds of rotating and advancing speed can meet the different needs of soil and rock drilling. Combined positioner, the positioning disc can be adjusted and replaced according to different types of drill pipe and impactor, so as to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the positioning and centering. The hoisting mechanism is convenient for hoisting of drill pipe and impactor, so as to reduce the labor intensity.

  • This machine can be applied to various strata, used in water well engineering, geothermal well, anchor pile hole and so on, and can be used with follow-pipe drilling. It has the advantages of whole machine hydraulic control, automatic loading and unloading drill pipe, crawler type chassis, large horsepower diesel engine, four hydraulic support leg balance, stronger terrain application ability and so on.



Drilling diameter


Drilling depth


Walking speed




Rotation speed


Swing torque


Maximum lifting force


Maximum rod length


Air consumption


Working air pressure


Drill pipe diameter


Dimensions (L * W * H)


Machine weight


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