Promotion!!! HW425 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig
Promotion!!! HW425 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig
Promotion!!! HW425 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig

Rated Power: 58 kW;

Drill Depth: 30m;

Drill Diameter: 110 -152 mm

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Best Promotion Only from 2020.10.01 to 2020.10.30, with amazing FOB Price US$30,700.

HW425 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig

  • Committed to the needs of green mining, Hengwang Machinery developed this model of low cost high performance, eco-friendly, safe, compact & high efficiency separated DTH drill rig, widely used in various surface mines, quarries & construction work sites, etc. This model is the new generation of Henwgang Classic product series. With the collective advantages of various different models, this machine with hole range of 110 - 115 mm and new enclosure design, and oscillation, HW425 product series has excellent stability and outstanding appearance in the same class of products.

  • Features:

    • 1.Dual speed tramming piston motor for excellent cross terrain ability and better product reliability.

    • 2.High pressure cast iron oil pump for more powerful system and more stable.

    • 3.Easy accessed integrated control panel with rational layout for easy & convenient operation; dual movable tramming operation platforms with better tramming vision for safety& convenience.

    • 4.Equipped with the own developed dry dust collection system. HW425G special designed for 4,000 m altitude application.

    • Recommended Air compressors:

    • Diesel portable screw compressor: 192SCY-21 or 200SCY-21

    • Electric portable screw compressor: 160SDY-13

Rig Model


Rated Power



58 kW



73.5 kW



90 KW

Hole Depth

30 m

Drill Pipe Sizes

76 X 3,000 mm

Hole Dia

110 -152 mm



Rotation Torque(Max.)

3,200 N.m

Rotation Speed

0 -100 rpm

Working Pressure


Length of Feed Beam

5,645 mm

Feed Travel Length

3,660 mm

Feed Extension

960 mm

Feed Speed

26 m/min

Feed Force

20 kN

Pull Up Force

45 kN

Feed Type

Chain & Cylinder

Tramming Speed (Max.)

2.5 km/h



Ground Clearance

280 mm

Total Weight

6,000 kg

Transportation Dimensions

7,000 X 2,250 X 2,700mm

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