HWH260 Guardrail Pile Driver
Power Head Model: 65#
Engine Power: 40kw
Pile Depth: 2800mm

HWH260 Guardrail Pile Driver

  • HWH-260 full-hydraulic pile driver is a kind of road guardrail steel pipe piling equipment. The machine adopts diesel power and full hydraulic mechanical transmission. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, convenient displacement, high degree of durability, time and labor saving, etc. , Especially suitable for highway field engineering construction.

  • Function: pile driving, drilling, pile pulling

Equipment use areas:

  • 1. Highway fence drilling, pile driving, pile pulling
  • 2. Spiral pile installation of photovoltaic power plant
  • 3. Piling in various other fields (such as farms, ranches, orchards, etc.)
  • 4. Highway field engineering construction
  • Power configuration:

    The diesel engine with reasonable power and superior performance provides a powerful source of power for construction operations. The reliability of power and fuel economy have been greatly improved.
  • Production process:

    The production process is more reasonable, and the wear-resistant parts are all heat-treated. The welding process is rigorous, the overall stress-relief treatment of the frame welding reduces deformation, and the testing equipment is perfect.
  • Hydraulic system:

    Advanced hydraulic system, strict assembly process of high-quality hydraulic components, to ensure the high efficiency and durability of the hydraulic system.
  • Modeling design:

    The overall frame structure is excellent and the materials are completely national standard. High strength, good stability, design ideas in line with industrial aesthetics, the operator's work space is more spacious.

Performance characteristics:

  • 1.Flexible mobility and high operating efficiency
  • 2.Energy saving and efficient
  • 3. Use domestic good diesel engine to ensure strong and reliable power
  • 4. Stable and reliable
  • 5. Innovative hydraulic pump design greatly improves construction efficiency.
  • 6. Full-time four-wheel drive and four-wheel brakes



Power Head


Engine Power


Drilling Diameter


Drilling Depth


Max.Piling diameter


Max. Piling Height


Overall Dimension


Machine Weight


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